Five Ways To Keep Your Fleet Policy Insurance Low

Nathan Brown  -  Dec 27, 2020  -  Comments Off on Five Ways To Keep Your Fleet Policy Insurance Low

Appropriate insurance cover is absolutely essential when you are responsible for a fleet of vehicles and as well as making sure your expensive assets are appropriately protected, you will not want to pay over the odds for a policy that covers everything you need.

Whilst the impact to insurance premiums in a hopefully post-COVID-19 world at some point during 2021 is an unknown quantity, there are a number of proven ways to reduce your fleet insurance premiums and we thought that we would share our top five:

Make Use Of Vehicle Trackers

Trackers will not only help you locate a stolen vehicle, but they can be used to monitor how well your employees are driving (such as speed, mileage, location etc).

There are some policies that can use this data to prove that your drivers are safe and therefore reduce the overall premium that you will pay.

Driver Training Programmes

By this, we don’t mean advanced training that shows your drivers how to drift a car around a racecourse. Rather, we mean either completing a training programme in house or an external provider carrying out your driver training.

You will find that drivers who receive ongoing training will not pose as much of a risk on the road and therefore should be involved in fewer accidents. Before commencing any training, however, you will want to make sure that your insurer will recognise the training provided.’

Make Use Of Dashcams

Dashcam footage has numerous benefits for commercial vehicles and you will not only be able to use the footage should there be a claim, but it can help defend fraudulent claims.

By eradicating the problem of potentially fraudulent claims and having the additional evidence to hand, your policy quotes should be reduced.

Store Your Vehicles Safely Overnight

This is an important consideration and with so may expensive assets potentially all in one place overnight, you could find that this will cause your premiums to increase.

It is worthwhile giving consideration to where vehicles are stored and the security measures you have in place as if you can demonstrate that there is no way for them to get stolen, it could make a big difference to your premium.

Only Employ Drivers With A Clean License

Any points or convictions that your drivers have will undoubtedly affect your insurance premium and therefore it is desirable to have a team of drivers with clean licenses.

Insurers will often look to see if your drivers have been convicted for things such as drink driving, been caught speeding, or claimed on their personal policies.

If you discover that one of your drivers has a penalty point or criminal conviction, you will want to make sure your insurer knows as you might not be protected if you do not inform them.

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