How To Make Sure You Have The Right Inflatable Insurance

Nathan Brown  -  Aug 16, 2020  -  Comments Off on How To Make Sure You Have The Right Inflatable Insurance

Bouncy castles and inflatables can really bring laughter and enjoyment to an event, however, when they go wrong this can fairly quickly change. If you are operating an event with any inflatables, having the appropriate cover is essential and this is not something that is generally covered by your standard insurance policy.

The reason for this is because of the unique risks involved, so you should always make sure you have the appropriate guidance, policies & procedures in place. The risk of not having this could lead to a significant financial cost or worse.

Make sure that you have your public liability cover

Whether you are a bouncy castle operator or holding a private event, public liability insurance is an absolute must. As people will be jumping around, there is an increased risk of injury simply from them bumping into each other. There is an increased risk of injury should the inflatable malfunction or go wrong.

Having the right public liability insurance in place will prevent you from needing to pay out if someone is injured and makes a claim. Be careful, however, as you will need a specialist insurance policy to make sure you are covered.

Do you need employer’s liability insurance?

Generally, bouncy castle operators will need more than one person to supply and manage their bouncy castle business: particularly if running multiple events on the same day. If you employ members of staff, it is a legal requirement for you to hold employer’s liability insurance.

By law, this level of cover needs to be at least £5m, however, the amount that you will be required to have does depend on the size of the company and risks involved. We can make sure that you have the right level of cover in place.

Look after your inflatables

Given the nature of an inflatable, damage can sometimes occur simply due to someone deciding to sneak on in their footwear. As well as accidental damage, you will want to consider malicious damage or theft.

Inflatables can be expensive, and you may want to consider new for old cover should your inflatable get damaged or stolen.

Always speak with an expert who can tailor your cover

Not every insurer will want to take the risk of providing cover for inflatables and therefore you will want to speak with a specialist, who can make sure that you have the right cover at the right price.

Jackaman Insurance Services provide bouncy castle insurance and inflatable insurance, so we can tailor a policy to make sure that you have the appropriate level of cover. Just drop us a call to discuss how we can assist!

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