Haztrade Select

For quite some time, Jackaman Insurance Services have been involved with the Petrochemical Industry under our Haztrade Select banner, placing an eclectic mix of business on behalf of various clients including Forecourts, fuel recovery contractors and general petrochemical contractors.

It had not gone unnoticed that there were and are still only a select amount of Insurers underwriting the class, and a lot of them are not offering the correct covers which can seriously expose any enterprise should a large claim occur.

We look to tailor policies to fit each client to ensure that the fullest cover is available, and that there are no unnecessary expensive add-ons thus ensuring the best available prices.

Noting the extent of policies not fit for purpose in this sector, we offer a free policy healthcheck to highlight any covers available which are currently not being enjoyed by certain Policyholders. Please click our Petrochem button and complete the online form and we will call you.

Site visits are also available.

Please call our Petrochem Team on 01474 557427

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