Rules For Driving In The EU Have Now Changed!

Nathan Brown  -  Feb 23, 2021  -  Comments Off on Rules For Driving In The EU Have Now Changed!

Now that the UK has left the EU, as well as a raft of changes in relation to import and export trade, the rules for UK License holders driving in the EU have changed too.

Whilst it is certainly difficult to go on holiday to the EU at the present, it is important to be aware of these changes as they also affect fleet policyholders (however, it is recommended to check with your insurer for any policy-related requirements).

Will My Driving Licence Be Valid?

The answer here is that most UK drivers will still be able to use their usual driving license in EU countries.

We say most as there are some exceptions, where an International Driving Permit (IDP) may be required. These exceptions include:

  • People who only have a paper licence
  • Those with licenses issued in Gibraltar, Jersey, or the Isle of Man

Advice from the UK Government is that if you fall into one of the above groups then you will need to check with the embassy of the country you plan to drive in to see if you need an IDP.

What About Insurance?

If you are driving your own vehicle, you will need to get a green card and GB sticker to prove that you are covered for driving in Europe.

It is crucial that you check with your insurer, however, not only to ask for a green card (with a separate card needed for trailers) but any other requirements or exclusions in your policy.

In addition to this, your insurer will be able to advise on the level of cover you will have as the green card is just proof of a minimum third-party level of cover.

Any Other Changes I Need To Know?

In addition to the above, you will need to carry the V5C logbook with you if you own the car, and if it is either hired or leased you will need to obtain a VE103 form to show you have permission to take it from the UK.

You will also want to check the specific driving requirements of the country you are traveling to as there may be additional things that you need to have in place. The RAC has a helpful checklist here.

Need More Info?

Fleet policyholders will want to have checked their policies & processes with their insurer to make sure they have not missed anything. We specialise in providing fleet insurance and would also be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

You can contact us either by calling 01474 557427 or by email at

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