Showmen! Don’t get caught with no motor insurance

Nathan Brown  -  Apr 27, 2021  -  Comments Off on Showmen! Don’t get caught with no motor insurance

As a reliable and trusted insurance broker, we take great care to ensure that all our clients’ policies are up to date and accurate. However, we know that some brokers do not take the same level of care and when you have been in the insurance industry for as long as we have you tend to have seen most things!

One risk that we have seen is with showmen’s motor insurance. A simple admin slip or even outright fraud can wreak havoc for showmen when it comes to their motor insurance.

If we give an example (and yes, this does happen!); you have taken time to carefully research your motor insurance, settled on a policy, completed the paperwork and signed up. You are driving to the next site to set up and get pulled over for not having any insurance!

This would certainly cause great concern as not only would it delay you getting to your location to set up in time for the first performance, but the consequence of driving without any insurance could lead to you receiving a £300 fine, six penalty points and the police may seize your vehicle.

If the case goes to court, the maximum fine is unlimited, and you may also be disqualified from driving. This would certainly cause all kinds of practical issues for someone who relies on driving as a vital part of their job.

How can this happen we hear you ask. Well, there are generally two ways. The first is through a simple administrative error and the second something more sinister.

The first reason this may happen is simply that your insurer (or broker) has overlooked adding your vehicle to the UK insurance database. This would mean that although you have paid your premium, the vehicle will be showing as uninsured.

The second reason is that you have paid your premium, however the broker that you have chosen to use was rather unscrupulous and has simply pocketed the money with no intention of adding your vehicles to the insurance database.

In both cases, a copy of your insurance documentation or a call to your insurer may suffice. However, it does not always, and some brokers may not give you the proper documentation. It is also your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is insured, so you may still incur a fine, points or additional costs (such as storage).

This is one reason that we take great care with every policy we manage for our clients. In addition, we are specialists in showmen insurance and work with a large number of partners to ensure our clients are fully covered. It’s not worth the risk, insure right, insure once!

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